Nanga Parbat …

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Nanga Parbat was first climbed by the German, Herman Buhl in 1953 just after Everest was Summited by Hillary and Tenzing.

It was by far the greater achievement. By then it had claimed over 50 German lives. It has always been assessed as the most difficult mountain to summit amongst all the Eighth Thousanders.

Now it has claimed two more lives ….

hermann Buhl

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The Rare Black Panther …

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Soccer – Greatest ‘Save’ Ever …

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Wikipedia – 1970 World Cup …

Playing at pace, Brazil were putting England under enormous pressure. An attack was begun by Captain Carlos Alberto who sent a low ball down the right flank for the speedy Jairzinho.

The Brazilian winger sped past the Left-Back and crossed the ball into the six-yard box – where Pelé connected with a powerful downward header so as to make the Ball bounce over Banks and into the net.

Sure that his header was placed to perfection, Pelé immediately shouted “Gol!” (Brazilian Portuguese for goal).

The split-second allowed Banks one conscious thought – that the shot was impossible to catch – and the only way to prevent Pelé from following up on the rebound would be to parry the ball over the bar.

The ball bounced two yards in front of the goal-line, and Banks managed to make contact with the ball with the fingers of his right hand, and rolled his hand slightly to angle the ball over the crossbar.

Banks landed in the inner netting of the goal but knew he had saved the goal. Banks then rose to his feet to defend the corner – and broke into laughter after the following exchange:

I thought that was a sure goal.” (Pelé)
“Me too.” (Banks)
and – “You’re getting old, Banksy – You used to hold on to them.” – Bobby Moore.

Pelé and numerous journalists and pundits, would later describe the save as the greatest in the history of the game.

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Fitness Freak Army General …

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Maj Gen Vikram Dogra, 17 P00na Horse, is sure a Physically Fit Guy …. ..

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A Woman 80 Yrs Young !!! …

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She drove a 20 yr old car from Cape Town to Cairo – telling Border Guards she was headed for London to have Tea with the Queen …

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Greatest Soccer Game Ever …

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Forget the Brazilians and the Argentinians – Pele and Maradona – the Greatest World Cup Final or any Soccer Game ever Played was the World Cup 1954 Final – Germany vs Hungary.

Hungary had hammered Germany 8 – 3 in a Game leading upto the Final. But Now

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Usain ‘Lightning’ Bolt – A Legendary Career Ends …

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At the IAAF World Championships in London, it was for Usain ‘Lightning’ Bolt with his unique trademark winning pose, a heartbreaking end to an outstanding track and field career.

Running the final leg of the men’s 4×100 relay for Jamaica, Bolt failed to finish when a cramp in his left hamstring led him to pull up just after s teammate handed him the baton. Bolt collapsed on the track.

This is the first time since 2008 that a team other than Jamaica won the event at a major meet.

The eight-time Olympic gold medalist didn’t remain on the ground for long – with help he limped across the finish line and offered the crowd a tearful wave. Having run 23 championship races since 2008, this was only the fourth time Bolt failed to win.

And so now he is a legend ala ……

Bob Mathias. At 18 he won the Decathlon in London and was so exhausted in the mud and rain that he swore he would never come near a track and field ground. Yet come 1952 and there again he won. Sadly he was not allowed to compete in 56 because inadvertently he had broken the amateur rule.

Daley Thompson In 1984 and 88 equalled Mathias feat but could not make it for 92 due fitness problems.

Greg Louganis. He’s the only man to sweep the springboard and platform event at consecutive Olympics. He won four gold medals in all, though it is the gold he won after cracking his head on the springboard during the preliminary rounds in 1988 that everyone remembers most.

Al Oerter remains a Great winning the gold in four back to back Olympics.

For some reason Carl Lewis and Michael Phelps who won more Gold Medals than any, do not match the public adulation of those mentioned above – and of course Jesse Owens.

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The USAIN BOLT of 1936 …

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The year was 1936.

Amidst the rise of the Nazi party and a growing feeling of Aryan supremacy, the greatest sport event on earth was held in Berlin. That was when the world witnessed the birth of a legend. .Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals despite facing extensive discrimination due to the    color of his skin..

Yhat isn’t the only good to come out of that dark Olympics. There is also the camaraderie shared by Owens and a German athlete, Luz Long. Luz was Owens’ competitor in the long jump but gave him tips on how to do better.

Indeed Jesse had fouled his first two attempts for the qualifying and as he stood worried before attempting his last jump to qualify for the competition, Long walked up to him and told him that he could qualify in his sleep. He asked him to place a kerchief a foot before the jump board and jump from there.

Jesse  Owens did just that and went on to win the gold. Luz won the silver and nothing could stop Luz from hugging and congratulating his friend in full view of the public and the thousands of Nazi sympathizers.

(Picture credits:

Luz later fought in WW2 and was killed, but not before writing his swan song, addressed to Owens. In his letter, you can feel his love for his comrade and the pangs of separation from his family.

This was one of the greatest moments in Olympic history – the forging of a beautiful friendship between two great athletes who were wonderful human beings.

Full transcript of the letter, courtesy the wonderful Letters of Note (emphasis added).

I am here, Jesse, where it seems there is only the dry sand and the wet blood. I do not fear so much for myself, my friend Jesse, I fear for my woman who is home, and my young son Karl, who has never really known his father.

My heart tells me, if I be honest with you, that this is the last letter I shall ever write. If it is so, I ask you something. It is a something so very important to me. It is you go to Germany when this war done, someday find my Karl, and tell him about his father.Tell him, Jesse, what times were like when we not separated by war. I am saying— tell him how things can be between men on this earth.

If you do this something for me, this thing that I need the most to know will be done, I do something for you, now. I tell you something I know you want to hear. And it is true.

That hour in Berlin when I first spoke to you, when you had your knee upon the ground, I knew that you were in prayer.

Then I not know how I know. Now I do. I know it is never by chance that we come together. I come to you that hour in 1936 for purpose more than der Berliner Olympiade.

And you, I believe, will read this letter, while it should not be possible to reach you ever, for purpose more even than our friendship.

I believe this shall come about because I think now that God will make it come about. This is what I have to tell you, Jesse.

I think I might believe in God.

And I pray to him that, even while it should not be possible for this to reach you ever, these words I write will still be read by you.

Your brother,


After the War Owens kept his promise, tracked down Karl, and was the best man at the wedding of the son of the man who wasn’t afraid to embrace him despite fear of persecution.

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Richie Benoud …

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Richie Benaud had taken over when Australian cricket was at a low ebb. His aggressive captaincy, daring approach and charismatic nature revitalized Australian cricket.

He showed all this and more in the 1960–61 Test series against the visiting West Indians under Frank Worrell, in which the First Test in Brisbane ended in the first tie in Test history.

This came about when Benaud and Alan Davidson rather than settling for a draw, decided to risk defeat and play attacking cricket – which took Australia to the brink of victory.

Australia had fallen to 6 for 92 on the final day while chasing a target of 233 with Benaud and Davidson at the crease. Australia’s chances of winning looked remote at tea when 6 for 109 with 124 runs still needed and only the tail enders left.

However Benaud told the chairman of selectors, the legendary Don Bradman, that he would still be going for an improbable victory.

Both Benoud and Davidson viewed attack as their most effective chance of survival and their attacking partnership took Australia to within sight of the target. Regular boundaries and quick singles took the score to 226 – a seventh-wicket partnership of 134.

Only seven runs were needed with four wickets in hand but time was running out. Benaud hit a ball into the covers and attempted a quick single but a direct hit from Joe Solomon saw Davidson run out.

Australia needed six runs from the final over in which Benaud was caught and the last two wickets fell to run outs while gaining the equalizing run.

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For Horse Lovers …

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