About Improveacrati …

Welcome to Improveacrati ! This is a collaborative experiment in continuous improvement. The days whiz by, the nights glide past –  and life blazes on!

It is an effort to keep an eye on the ball. Sometimes it’s best to keep up with the pace, while at times, it’s best to keep your own pace. We include thoughts from known and unknown leaders, thinkers, activists, trailblazers and also learnings from our own experiences.

As Lord Krishana observed, “What has happened, is Good. What is happening, is Good. What will happen, is Good”. But for Heavens sake, ‘Do Something. Be Something’.

Whether you find a brick or a nugget, we welcome your comments. Should we begin with a bow to the ancient Greeks?  Here they are –

Solon – “Know thyself”.  Chilo – “Consider the end”.
Pittacus – “Know thy opportunity”.  Cleobulus – “Avoid excess”.      Periander – “Nothing is impossible to industry”.  Bias – “Most men are bad”. Thales – “Suretyship is the precursor of ruin”.

Now a confession from none other than Socrates, “I am the wisest man alive because I know one thing and that is that I know nothing”. And an eshortation from the same guy, “Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writngs because then you will gain easily what others have labored hard for”.

Nearer our time, Disraeli reinforces the same, “The wisdom of the wise and the experiences of the past are perpetuated by extracts from the great works of bygone ages”.

And now over to our enduring friend – the opinionated crank, racist, bigot and what have you; but he does come out with real gems. Here is one such, “You cannot shut your eyes to the fact that you are in competiton with all mankind; and others stand ready to push you to one side once you  no longer can hold your own”.  Negative and hard n’est ce pas? but that is the way life sometimes is.

And was’nt it Goethe who said that letters are among  the best things a man can leave behind!


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