Gen Prem Bhagat VC – Eternally Great …

Posted on December 27, 2016. Filed under: Personalities |

As a RIMC Cadet, I had the privilege of playing table tennis with a jovial Brig Prem Bhagat VC  –  and of course, genuinely Losing!

Much much later I was a wide eyed listener when Gen Ranjit Dayal narrated an encounter between his old CO, Inder Gill,  who was then the Para Brigade Commander and Gen Bhagat who was if I remember rightly GOC 9 Div. There was this Sand Model Discussion and Brig Inder Gill’s plan was on the Mat.

The discussion had become heated with temperatures rising when Gen Bhagat makes some comment and Inder in his cool measured tone says, “Sir – You are talking Cock!” To this the eternally Great Bhagat retorts, “Gentle men, lets adjourn for Lunch.”

The next day, Inder requests an interview with Bhagat and in the latter’s Office, hands over a hand written request for premature retirement from Service as he regretted stepping out of the bounds of propriety. Gen Bhagat peruses the hand written letter and looks at Brig IS Gill and thunders, “Yesterday perhaps I may have been talking Charlie but there is not a shadow of doubt that you are taking Charlie Now!”

And he was famed for his ‘Chotta, on the larger Side’! ……..


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