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General HANUT – up among the Greats of the Indian or any Army …

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General Hanut passed away recently while in meditation. It saddened me no end as memories of some eight years ago flooded back. It was then that my dear and good friend – the one and only and most lovable – PKK Raju was snatched away while hardly a few years into retirement.

What do the General and PKK have in common? Specially, when one is Armored Corps, the other Garhwali; one a Rajput, the other an Andhra-ite; one Colonel Brown School, the other RIMC! And separated by some decade and a half!

Well, apart from being great human beings, the two had a deep cementing bond. Some may well and truly doubt it as regards the cheerful, perky, ebullient PKK – but it is true! And what really cemented their souls was that they shared some thing wholly intimate and personal. Let’s just say I respect them too much to elaborate.

Back to my piece. Much is known re Hanut’s valor, professionalism and achievements. Here I merely cover the smaller incidents, which to my mind show up the real man ala Slim’s Unofficial History.

Funnily though I near worshiped the guy, I never ever exchanged a word with him – indeed only saw him once and that too while at an athletic meet in Ambala. He was with 14 Armored and I was a 2/ic in 43 under ‘Marshal’ Sondhi, who though armor, had commanded 1 SIKH. Both were 1st JSW but no two persons could have been more different. Some one opined that Marshal got the Sword in that illustrious Course but I believe that Col Ranjit, RIMC and a Gunner was the one who got it!

These two armor brigadiers fascinated me. One a true showman with little within and the other a soldier’s soldier, who had NO time for BULL. Always but always thinking of his officers men and ensuring that they always had time for themselves. It was indeed a great contrast and it showed in every which way.

Indeed once again, though I was not there – allow me to recount re this Exercise with troops in Rajasthan which was to test 14 Armor and had ‘Marshal’ as the Chief Umpire. On the day of the orders when even the Corps Commander, none other than Zorru Bakshi, possibly the highest decorated post Second War officer, had arrived, Marshal strolled over to Hanut’s caravan where much to his chagrin, the orderly refused him entry.

When every one was seated, Hanut walks in and gives his two bits of ground and enemy and then gives his grouping and thrust lines. He closes saying that there would be a lot of white arm bands floating around but they were doing their job while his sub units and units were to do theirs.

During the exercise, Marshal paints a picture where the water obstacle permits an extremely narrow passage which was covered by a troop of enemy armor. He then disallows Hanuts armor from accepting casualties and crashing through. Where upon Hanut goes on to do what he always did and the exercise is terminated.

Later Hanut goes on to command the Sikkim Division when that State had a notably fancy Governor whose wife was one of those social creatures. Of course Hanut has little time for such crap and the complaints against him are fast and furious. To cap it, Hanut’s Corps Commander was this Signals Sardarji – alas not of the soldierly variety. Sure enough there are complaints reaching Eastern Army and Delhi re Hanut’s lack of social grace and courtesy.

When an accident occurs involving loss of life and limb, the same is reported through the situation report route as Hanut does not think it right to chat up his Corps Commander, who hits the roof when the Army Commander mentions it during his usual small talk. The guy had not had the time to read the report! Hanut remains as cool as cucumber!

And finally, Hanut has not been considered fit to be made Army Commander and is commanding the ACC and S at ‘Nagar. The reason touted out is that he was a bachelor and hence not equipped for that responsibility. But they forget the case of a RIMCO, who also a bachelor commanded Western Army and was with the same Division in ’62,

The Army Commander in Pune, junior and also a ‘tank wala’ decides to visit the ACC and S and goes over by chopper. Hanut sends his No 2 to receive him when he lands and awaits his arrival outside his office as in his view that is the ‘Right’ thing to do.

This Army Commander who later makes it to Chief, takes umbrage and seeing who is there to receive him, tells his SO hat he needs to fly back immediately.

Such is the bane of any Army. But Dear Hanut – You will always remain among the Greatest. Please Rest in Peace!

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Richie Benoud …

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Richie Benaud had taken over when Australian cricket was at a low ebb. His aggressive captaincy, daring approach and charismatic nature revitalized Australian cricket.

He showed all this and more in the 1960–61 Test series against the visiting West Indians under Frank Worrell, in which the First Test in Brisbane ended in the first tie in Test history.

This came about when Benaud and Alan Davidson rather than settling for a draw, decided to risk defeat and play attacking cricket – which took Australia to the brink of victory.

Australia had fallen to 6 for 92 on the final day while chasing a target of 233 with Benaud and Davidson at the crease. Australia’s chances of winning looked remote at tea when 6 for 109 with 124 runs still needed and only the tail enders left.

However Benaud told the chairman of selectors, the legendary Don Bradman, that he would still be going for an improbable victory.

Both Benoud and Davidson viewed attack as their most effective chance of survival and their attacking partnership took Australia to within sight of the target. Regular boundaries and quick singles took the score to 226 – a seventh-wicket partnership of 134.

Only seven runs were needed with four wickets in hand but time was running out. Benaud hit a ball into the covers and attempted a quick single but a direct hit from Joe Solomon saw Davidson run out.

Australia needed six runs from the final over in which Benaud was caught and the last two wickets fell to run outs while gaining the equalizing run.

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Israeli PM lambasts Obama …

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Wayne Allen, a Classmate of Obama ……….. The Israeli PM gave a lesson in CHUTZPAH. That’s the Jewish word for “balls”. Bibi walked into the joint session of the U.S. Congress like he owned it – like he was the President of the United States. Keep in mind Bibi is the leader of a tiny nation with the population of some anonymous, obscure African nation.

Yet he held court over the U.S. Congress for an hour – like he was the most powerful man in the world. Bibi gave off the vibe that he alone holds the key to saving the world..

What was the main takeaway from the speech? That you can’t reward bad behavior. That you must punish bad behavior. That you can’t agree to deals with tyrants, terrorists, liars, thieves and murderers whose word cannot be trusted.

That the only deal worth doing punishes Iran and takes away their nuclear capabilities until they change their behavior – until they stop supporting and funding terrorism – until they check their aggressive support of militant, radical Islam all over the world. That to allow any nuclear capability for a militant Muslim nation is suicide for the entire world

The chutzpah of Bibi. The leader of tiny Israel giving Obama lessons in negotiation. This was more entertaining than watching “American Sniper.” Bibi made three great points that emasculated Obama.

#1) The art of negotiating.  Bibi compared negotiating with Iran to negotiating at a Persian bazaar. “If they threaten to walk away, let them.” Bibi said. “Because they’ll be back.”

It takes an Israeli to understand the human nature of Persians. That threat of walking away is just part of a negotiation. Bibi understands that. He made it clear the deal Obama has negotiated is Neville Chamberlain all over again. It’s a repeat of the worst deal ever agreed to- Chamberlain’s deal with Hitler.

Secondly, Bibi made it clear that Iran is not a normal country. It shouldn’t be treated like a normal country. It is a militant Islamic country.

Bibi pointed out that Iran is a rogue terrorist state no different than ISIS. Iran is the enemy of ISIS but Iran and ISIS are the same people. They want the same thing. They say it. They tweet it. Iran wrote it in their constitution. They are dedicated to killing, conquering, converting and enslaving first the entire region, then the world.

Iran is only fighting ISIS to determine who gets to do it in the name of Allah. Bibi then drove the nail home, “The enemy of your enemy is your enemy.”

Thirdly, Bibi spoke from the heart. He painted a picture of militant radical Muslims like ISIS and how they act – they cut off heads – they torture – they throw gays off buildings – they parade prisoners in cages – they set people on fire – they kill women and children – even babies are cut in half and mutilated at the hands of militant radical Muslims.

And Obama wants to allow them to possess NUCLEAR WEAPONS
And he thinks that’s okay? He thinks they’ll change? He thinks they’ll stop being angry and aggressive with a nuclear weapon now in their hands?

Bibi made it clear Obama’s deal with Iran allows them to possess nuclear weapons. It’s only a matter of when – that cannot be allowed to pass.

Bibi’s speech destroyed both Iran and Obama. “A 2 for 1 sale on the floor of the U.S. Congress – It’s kind of like a Persian bazaar.”

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