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Stuff That Makes Life Worth While …

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“I think I agree with this guys assessment of Gandhi.

Anyone who can lead a nation (and the world to some degree) has to be an accomplished diplomat and politician. The trick is to not make it seem that way.

Also, Gandhi’s aspirations were higher than just becoming the Prime Minister. Had he become the Prime Minister, he would have capped his career at that level.

By declining the office, he kept himself above that office in the eyes of posterity. These are subtle things which have a huge impact in the  longer term. Anyways, you know all this. 🙂

Talking about your knowing this, I look at myself and know that I have mostly you and Mom – for the softer parts – to thank for making me who I am.

All the basic principles I apply in my dealings everyday come from stuff that’s learnt from you. Let’s see what I can do with it. Knowledge is only good if it is used right”.

You are Dong Plenty! And will Do Even More …

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That Self Confidence Thing …

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Wonderful discussing this Self Confidence thing over the phone in the middle of the night.

Set me thinking.

Most have it for no justifiable reason. Others, with all reasons for having it, remain plagued with Self Doubt. With an over powering desire to be passengers.

Then there are the run silent run deep types. They maintain a low profile but come out, when needed,  swinging. Others of this ilk, silently deliver the coup d’ grace!

From long experience as a passenger, allow me to say a thing or two.

This guy here has just about Every Thing. He has brains, knowledge, temperament and  self deprecating humor. Also presence and looks to boot! Most importantly he is, in his quiet way, a kind person.

But deeply ingrained is this Self Doubt.

Reminds me of Group Captain Leonard Cheshire, a double VC, who seeing the ‘A’ Bomb on Hiroshima – as Churchills representative – resigned from the Air Force and went on to found the Cheshire Homes, one of which is in Dehra Dun.

The guy was so innately modest that he at one time, geniunely did not know that he had  WAAF Driver – till she reminded him that she had to go for lunch even if he did not!

To return. Usually the back bencher types have more confidence than the showy variety. When their back is to the wall they come out, guns blazing and hold center stage, before retiring with the emergency attended, to their chosen low profile position.

This here guy is hardly shy. Rather, being sharp and a good judge of people, he is acclaimed as a bit of a consular in matters of heart and head.

So where in hell is the Achilles heel?

Maybe the guy’s backside is not on fire. Without that no one can go anywhere. So choose your poison and GO! There is just no other way.

As for me what gets me going is simply cursing, just about every little or big thing, long and hard. Leaves one with lots of balance and dash. Note that dear old George S Patton could go on cursing for over two minutes w/o any repetition!

More seriously what works for most persons is, funnily, Posture and Bearing. Believe me when I say, if one consciously maintains posture and bears oneself right, the confidence thing comes striding in.

At rock bottom, posture and bearing mean just two  things.

First is  the way the head is carried.  It should be held straight up. The trick is to consciously maintain one’s ear lobes over ones shoulders. This gets the head in the right place. The result is the king of the world, monarch of all one surveys feeling.

The other thing which gives courage, strength, power is a simple  habit. The diaphragm is the flat muscle above the abdomen. This must always be maintained in the lowered position.

This muscle rises and falls as one breathes. It can be maintained raised or lowered while breathing. Keeping it raised results in weakness. In rapt attention, surprise, shock and in death it is in the raised position.

One can breathe deep and hard with the diaphragm in the raised or lowered position. Breathing with it raised results in physical and mental weakness. . Breathing with it kept lowered, results in strength – mental and physical.

The proof is in the pudding. If  you make this a habit, you can have the cake and eat it too.

Bon Voyage!

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Lessons for Start Ups – Amundsen vs Scott …

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Here are solid stark lessons for Start Ups – and indeed for most anything – from this Life and Death Saga. It is the story of how Amundsen reached the South Pole some one hundred years ago. And how Scott and his entire party perished on their return journey after reaching it some 35 days after Amundsen.

Amundsen had harbored, within himself, a burning passion to reach the South Pole and he made his plans with Germanic thoroughness. When he started out even his backers and party members did not know that the South Pole was his real objective.

On starting he headed for the Arctic but suddenly changed course for the Antarctic. He immediately informed Scott by telegram that he too was headed for the South Pole. The plans and preparations of Scotts expedition were being widely covered and reported.

These are the lessons from Amundsen’s planning and preparation which made the crucial difference between life and death, between triumph and tragedy.

Most importantly Amundsen believed that dog sleds and skis were the choice means of movement over snow and ice. He even preferred the light Eskimo skin clothing over the heavy woollens used by the English and needed by those perspiring on foot carrying loads.

The dogs sleds were ideal even before winter set in as they could traverse before the ice hardened – thus giving Amundsen a 12 day head start over Scott.

Scott relied on a complicated mixed group of horses, motors, dogs and man hauling – all of which needed the snow to harden. Their varying speeds further complicated matters.

Taking along additional dogs, Amundsen reduced the quantum of rations needed for dog and man. Midway he ruthlessly slaughtered the extra dogs and used them as meat for the remaining dogs and men.

Amundsen had supreme confidence in himself. He chose a new and untried route but which was 60 miles shorter. This he laid out with proper marking. The initial part of Scott’s longer route had been discovered by Shackleton earlier.

Amundsen had one single aim – that of reaching the South Pole, quickly and safely. Scott wasted precious time doing additional survey work.

With his thorough preparation and planning, Amundsen reached the South Pole a clear 35 days ahead of Scott and his party. It took him 56 days to traverse 800 plus miles. He was safely back at his base 99 days after he had started.

Sadly Scott did not even leave clear instructions for his subordinates. As such there was confusion and they failed to use the dogs at base for a last ditch rescue attempt. Scott and his two surviving members starved and froze to death – 150 days after they had started and a mere 11 miles from their next supply depot.

Amundsen observed that there is no such thing as luck, good or bad. He said everything lay in thorough planning, preparation and in the anticipation of all likely difficulties.

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CEOs and Companies of yore …

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This is about CEOs and Companies some fifty plus years back. ‘Those were the Days. And such were the Guys’

There was this here company which was in the red and so the Board decides to get aboard a brand new CEO. They call the guy and make the offer. The guy refuses.

Taken aback,  they  want to know if the guy wants more. No indeed the guy wants less! Because the guy wants the ratio between the highest paid and the lowest paid employee to be respectable. He however says he wants more stock so that in case he makes good, he gets his cake.

The guy turns the Company around but then wants to quit after three years. His believes that people get stale and new blood must be brought in all fairness  to rejuvenate the outfit.

Indeed similar is the current day story of the epoch making Info Sys and Narain Murthy.

Then there was this here guy putting an ad, ‘Any one ready with 1M worth of advertising for a Hundred K? What ever you may think, the thing is innovative!

Wonder is that the guy did get a call and the result was a Memorandum of Understanding out lining responsibilities of each. Brings to mind how the young Oglivy got his start.

There was this small guy who wanted the ad agency to advertise the opening of his little hotel but had only 500$. Of course he was shunted from pillar to post – finally landing with the new novice – the young Ogilvy.

Ogilvy bought him post cards with the 500$ and made him send them as invites to each guy in the area -taking addresses from the tele directory. The result was a Grand Opening with House Full! – with the birth of direct marketing.

The underlying belief? The consumer is not a moron – rather the consumer is like one’s wife!

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Beating the Hell out of an Interview …

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So, You have an Interview?

Regardless whether it is your first or last (in a star studded career), there is always a bit of edginess. Because no one really likes this darn thing.

Just remember the interviewer is not sitting pretty either. There are those that make up their mind the moment you walk in. Others remain unsure even after you have joined! Point is that they are like any of us – they play God for only a bit. Of course for enough time to make us grin or growl.

So what does one do apart from knowing one’s onions, which of course is paramount? If you do not know your stuff, you are wasting every ones time.

This Post unfolds the one single quality guaranteed to knock the wind out of any one looking at you. It is the one thing which will help you get what you want any time anywhere. Plus stand you in good stead all your life.

This is the quality or demeanor which depicts self possession. This is that single thing which will enable you to be master of any situation what so ever, when so ever and where so ever. This is that one single nugget which puts your physical, mental, nervous and emotional house in order.

One can write paeans  on this one single virtue. But we are preparing for this darn interview. So, how do we go get it and real fast at that?

The single physical act which gets you this coolness is simplicity it self. It is indeed, the way you carry your head.

Most of us carry our heads dipping forward, bending one side or the other, depressed, raised,  tilted back or at angles. Each of these postures tell much about us and what is more important about what is going on inside of us.

The carriage of the head which shows self possession is when it is held straight up with the ear lobes directly above the point where the neck connects with the shoulders. Nothing could be simpler or easier.

Carry your head this way and mark how you feel deep down inside. And how you feel will plainly show to anyone looking at you. Such carriage of the head calms the mind, driving out all nervous restlessness.  Makes one Super Cool.

Carry your head thus and let those doing the interview feel that  they are the ones being interviewed. Tall claim? Just do it!

And just picture Rhet Butler and with your collected coolness with feet firmly on the ground make the Intreviewer feel that he or she is being interviewed.

Eye Contact is Every Thing when Mental Assertions are added to it.

Good Luck!

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