On Starting Your Venture …

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At this stage in life it is fascinating to come across bright and talented yet unhappy, dissatisfied young men and women. Most are unhappy where they are regardless how well they maybe doing financially and materially. Some want to change professions while others are passionate about doing their own thing.

Some have listened and made a go of it. Happy at their success and achievement, here are the Five things guaranteed to take you places. The self styled Guru’s may mock but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

First  – Confidence and Courage

Whether you want to change your profession or start doing your own stuff, the first thing that is needed is a whole lot of confidence bonded with stark stubborn raw courage.

This is the one thing that will help you pass times when you fail, feel rock bottom hopeless and miserable. Such times may last days, weeks, months and they occur ever so often too. Such periods always seem pathetically long and unending. You will feel lonely and terribly alone.

What matters and is needed is confidence in yourself and what you are doing. The steely resolve within is the only thing that can pull you through. People, even the nearest and dearest will laugh, mock, deride. There will be many a, “I  told you so”.

It is human nature. The world enjoys the frustrations and travails of those in the pit.

Deep down you need to analyze the bad decisions. This could be on a daily basis specially before retiring. Always but always you and you alone have to know where you are at the moment and in which direction you are headed.

The beauty is that many a time you may have to move in reverse gear. But you must always be in the know of just about everything gong on. They say knowledge is power. It helps build confidence too.

Second – Knowing your Stuff

What ever your dream, you have to know and learn all of its nitty gritty. This applies to the big Picture as well as the detail; the macro as well as the minutiae.  You gotta know stuff which is not known to even the experts.

If you do not know this then you have no biz being here and had better go back to where you came from.

Always start with the basics. You need to make the others in the field look stupid. This is the one thing that will take you places.

Third – Doing Stuff and Moving. Moving, moving all the time

Once you have rock hard confidence meshed with the secret nitty gritty of your field, then its time to be doing things instead of sitting on your behind dreaming. Remember movement is life; stillness is death.

Move, move and keep doing stuff here there and just about everywhere. There is just no time for play and you can not afford the pleasure of sitting back and enjoying the scenery. Otherwise mighty unpleasant things will most certainly happen.

You gotta keep the positives or what is needed, happening every day, every minute, all the time – 24×7 .

Fourth – Have Fun

Now whether you are making ground or are mired every once in a while you need to look from the outside and have a good laugh at your antics. This will help you know that though you maybe making a monkey out of yourself yet you are enjoying the roller coaster.

You will learn not to take anything too seriously. Somebody wrote that when Thomas Edison’s work shop went up in flames, he called just about every one to come enjoy the once in a lifetime bonfire!

Every once in a while laugh at your self and try see the ludicrous in the serious.

Fifth –  Bigheartedness and Generosity

Small hearted folk seldom achieve much. Good to be generous to those helping you and even those fighting you. Nothing to lose.

Being big will help you laugh at yourself and give confidence every which way. And help make good friends too.

Good Luck, God Bless.  Enjoy Life in Every which Way. 


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