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Some Thoughts on the Mind.

The Mind is the direct governing power of the body it occupies. And the state of mind affects the whole body.

Fixed inclinations rule every intelligent person. It is habits which make or mar the clearness of the mind and vital existence. Hence habit culture is best for securing control over the body. What, indeed are habits? They are fixed methods of doing things.

There is nothing so dreary as the empty mind. It can only be countered by having a goal – for the day, for the week, for the month, for the year and a life goal.

Have no idleness in your mind, otherwise power slips away. Above all – Do not let the mind drift.  It drifts when it satisfies the desire for entertainment and for being pleased. Mental wandering destroys power and injures the brain. When ever the mind drifts, ask, ‘What is the use of it?’

Whatever you make up your mind to accomplish – that will come to pass. The Only Limits are in your Mind.

Here is a plan for mental improvement. Let no time be wasted in idle talk, idle thinking and useless activities. Thought is the mainspring of life and hence it has to be cultivated. It must be constant, deep and diverse. Only by hard thinking does the mind grow. A thinking mind is necessarily a powerful one. An alert mind is Quick Acting. Develop the power of thought in the spare moments of the day. Intense wishing stimulates deeper thinking.

To conclude. The starting point of your persona is that you have to learn to Respect Yourself. This is because as you see yourself, others will see you. And what you are in relation to yourself, you will be towards others. Finally when you fail to respect yourself, you show it in your manner and bearing towards others. So avoid cheap flippancy at all costs.

And as the guy said, “Self Knowledge, Self Control and Self Reverence“.








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