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Bhullars’ of Mahmudpura …

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In the time of the Sixth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru HarGobind, the Bhullars had been Monarchs and Lords of the area around Barnala in present day Distt Bhatinda with their HQs in Village Marhi.

The Sidhu clan had been pushed out of Sind and eventually arrived in the Bhullar controlled lands where they were not welcomed. So much so that even their women folk stopped covering their faces from them saying that they did not deserve to be called men.The distraught Sidhus’ went to Guru HarGobind, who, to cut a long story short, banished the Bhullars to the ‘Khara’ Majha belt across the Sutlej River.

The desolate, distraught Bhullars camped in the lands of the Mahmudpura Nawab who took a liking to them and ‘adopting’ their fairest male child, allowed them to settle in parts of his lands. However on his death, as he had no issue, he asked them not to change the name of his village. And so it remained unchanged even though this day, there is not a single house within the ‘Lall Lakir’ area as every one has migrated.

The Bhullar Family from the time it arrived and onward for fourteen generations had a single male child until my Grand Father Sardar Jiwan Singh who had a brother who in turn had two male children one of whom was Banta Singh – who became the father of Jermej and Gp Capt Gurbachan. The former’s son became a political figure who became a Minister in Beant Singh’s Governmement four male children, one of whom Gurchet became a Minister in the Congress Govt and whose son a MLA.

Unfortunately Sardar Jiwan Singh was found murdered near the Bridge on the water chanel on the then unmettaled Tonga/Bullock Cart track from ‘Chitti Khui’, which Sardar Jiwan Singh had got dug and bricklined with a Single Room Resting Place for travellers on the mettaled road from Kasur/KhemKaran to Amritsar.

Today there remains no sign of it as the kacha track has been realigned and mettaled from Valtoha to Amarkot Mahmudpora and Rajole on the Indo Pak Border.


Now onto our modern day story …….

Re the Satluj Shooting Club Post

Of the founders of the ‘Sutlej Shooting Club’, Sardar Amar Singh Bhullar also happened to be a member of the elite ‘’Gundog League of India’. This membership proved extremely beneficial to his family – indeed to the entire Mahmudpura village, which lay in the Kasur Tehsil of Lahore District.

An Indian Civil Service officer, a certain Mr Abel, who had been Deputy Commissioner Lahore, and was also a member of this very same League. He was rather favorably disposed  towards Sardar Amar Singh and at the time of the Partition of India into India and Pakistan, this ICS officer was working as Secretary to Lord Radcliffe, who had never been to India but had now come from England to give the Boundary Award between the two countries.

One day, while lunching at Mahmudpura, Mr Able, in a reflective mood murmured that Mahmudpura would soon be in Pakistan. This was because it was in District Lahore and this whole district was going to Pakistan based on its demography.

The response of Sardar Amar Singh was that it did not really matter as he personally had more Muslim friends than Hindu and Sikh friends. At this Mr Abel smiled and muttered that the Sardar Sahib had no idea what was likely to happen. He muttered to himself that he would see if something could be done about it.

In the event when the Award was made public, it turned out that to ensure the Sardar’s village was in India, Mr Abel had carved out the boundary in such a way that the areas of four Police Stations viz Khem Karan, Valtoha, Bhikhiwind and Khalra, all of which lay in Kasur Tehsil were merged into Patti Tehsil of Amritsar District. This ensured that Mahmudpura was in India though barely a mile and a half from the border.

However to ensure that the village of Sehjara, the Sardar of which village was inimical to Mr Abel, went to Pakistan, a noticeable ‘bulge’ was made in the Boundary which resulted in the Sehjara village along with 22 other villages going to Pakistan. Such was the power of the Indian Civil Service which has been called the ‘Steel Frame of British India’.

Since then  India and Pakistan have fought two bloody wars – in 1965 and 1971 –  in which India tried to capture the Sehjra ‘bulge.

In 1965 Pakistan sent their main armoured thrust headed for the bridge at Beas, from the Khem Karan – Mahmudplura area. This Patton based thrust, fortunately for India and unfortunately for Pakistan, got badly bogged down in the soggy post monsoon cultivated fields of the villages.

The bogged tanks were sitting ducks for the Indian armour and anti tank guns. And Bhikhiwind was the place where all the damaged tanks were dragged to and it became their graveyard.

Surely an example of personal relationships with far reaching consequences.

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Talent and Genius …

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Talent hits a target no one else can hit.

Genius hits a target no one else can see.

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How to have an ‘attractive face’ …

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All of uswant to attract and impress. Some go to extremes to do so. Yet there are some faces that, even in a crowd, attract and command attention. While there are others that even in the drawing room, seem to repel.
This is usually when the face is turned inward or when the face has vertical lines or wrinkles in the center ot the  forehead and  ‘crows feet’ on the sides of the eyes or temple of the face.
The fact of the matter is that ‘open faces’ attract and ‘closed’ faces repel.

Whether the face is open or closed depends on how the facial muscles go about their work. The muscles of the face can pull  the face outward by stretching it or they can pull it inwards ie when they do not pull it outward. The result shows clearly on the forehead – as when there are vertical lines in the center of the  forehead, above the nose seemingly caused by a worrisome, fretful disposition. This is called the knitted brow.
The center of the face is the seat of emotional intelligence and is indicative of the hearts mood. What the mind and heart feel, the face reflects in its finely diversified nervous structure.

The features are the result of what ‘will power’ does as expressed in the nervous system. The  features absorbe great quantities of light for the brain within. The ‘open’ face receives more light, information and impressions vis a vis the ‘closed’ face.

This open face indicates calm control of the passions and emotions. It shows supremacy and power. It smoothes out wrinkles and adds lustre.
The ‘closed’ face is repellant and its nerves are not in an absorbent conditioin. Persons who fret and worry soon show it in their pinched faces, betraying lack of control over the emotions.

Personal power is shown when the face is tense and the features broad.  All this is shown in the character that lives in the face. Beauty, character, nobility cannot be assumed. Strength of character will not be reflected in the face if it does not exist.
Self control tenses the face and broadens the features. The face is the key to the mind. One evidence of lack of control is the projecting lip.
Animals and humans are ruled by an excessive firmness of face and manner. They know the resistant and fearless face and hesitate to attack till relaxation or fear is depicted.
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Observe Men and Women …

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Successful men and women are close, exact, constant and unremitting observers of their fellow beings.

Much is going about you that escapes your attention because  you do not know how to analyze the doings of men and women. Therefore you must learn to observe others but you should also learn to  conceal the fact that you are doing so.

It is well to be adept in the knowledge of the form of universal speech in order to guard yourself against people who say one thing and mean another.

The more successful observers of human nature never spend much time in the searching glance. To see and not be seen looking or to appear not to have seen is an advantage for it enables you to study another when the latter has no suspicion of being observed.

Most importantly learn to separate the mind from an interest in the sayings and doings of others so that it will be free to carry on these observations; but of course without letting on that you are not paying attention!

The practice of separation is most beneficial because it teaches you to carry on two processes at the same time. Those who do it have a strong brain and clear mind, It brings unusual keenness to the power of thought.

By the way few know and appreciate that animals and humans are ruled by an excessive firmness of face and manner. Animals know very well the resistant and fearless face and hesitate to attack until either horror or relaxation is depicted.

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Personal Magnetism – the Starting Point …

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First. The human body is a collection of millions and millions of little energies. These energies are separate and individual, though, at times, they act in some degree of harmony and unison, resulting in the exhibition of power.

Second. The human body is a drifting mechanism of life. It is capable of, but not accustomed to control the forces within it – except as Habit, Willpower, or some special excitement, may marshal these energies or forces towards the accomplishment of some great end.

Third. Every individual carries in his own body and loses daily through drifting habits or what are called ‘Leakages’, more energy than the most magnetic man or woman, that ever lived, needed to attain absolute supremacy in active life. The Leakages can be Physical, Mental or Nervous.

Fourth. This power can be cultivated to a high degree by proper training and guidance.

To summarize. In every created being there is an aggregation of individual energies left to drift and these furnish the general basis of power. When properly excited they become concentrated and for a time are irresistible. Thus many ordinary people are sometimes seemingly ‘aroused’ and display a power not usually credited to them.

For the more deep, but irrelevant for most, are more facts  ..

In the vegetable kingdom all cell intelligence is diffused. In the animal kingdom cell intelligence is not only diffused but is also found collectively in the nerve centers and the brain.

In plants the power is diffused and thus there is no collective influence emanating from the tree – though some people, who work amongst growing foliage, absorbe some of this power in diffused form. In the human body the power is drawn into central storage condition, but in most animals this is more electric than magnetic — in electric fish this is greatly concentrated. Some humans may have more of this electricity and less of magnetism.

Personal Magnetism is the blending of the collective form of cell intelligence and the collective form of electric enegy. Thus it follows that every person is dormant with brain and bodily power but the development and blending may yet have to take place.

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