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Posted on June 28, 2008. Filed under: From a Services Career, Personalities |

Sam Manekshaw passed away at age 94 early yesterday …

He leaves behind memories of his jaunty, dapper, debonair, dashing figure – a beauty of a front for his massive, cheery, exuberant persona – with head held high and feet firmly planted on the ground.

A personality which had the rare common touch and rarer sensibilities. All laced with biting wit with never ever a touch of any thing mean or small.

We could go on and not do justice to this truly Massive Great, Big and Wonderful Persona. Still, what would be the one single quality or lack thereof that would best do justice to this Grand Soul?

May be it is the fact that this very human person was devoid of that one single trait most common to the human race – Smallness, Pettiness, Negativity, Hate, Jealousy, Meanness, Selfishness and the like were all unknown and foreign to him.

Even at the end he had Nothing whatever to say about the one person, who in her pettiness and jealousy even stopped the monies due him leaving it to a latter day President to give a Check covering his arrears as he lay on his deathbed.

Sam, maybe just liked life too much to go around wasting time hating any one or any thing. Like the melancholy Lincolns of the world. he knew that life is short and we humans too frail. All we humans need is a Nelsonian eye to blank out others imperfections and all too human frailties.

“Large was his bounty and his soul sincere. Heaven did a recompense as largely send. He gave to misery, all he had – a Tear. He gained from Heaven, all he wished – a Friend. No further seek his merits to disclose or draw his frailties from their dead abode. There they alike, in trembling hope repose on the Bosom of his Father and his God”.

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