Pitt on America’s Founding Fathers …

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William Pitt, Earl of Chatham was a Prime Minister in whose honor the two American cities of Pittsburgh, and Chatham University are named; he was a supporter of the Americans and gave them their war cry, “No taxation without representation”. Termed ‘the old ‘Lion’ , he was Winston Churchill ‘s  nearest prototype  – in eloquence as well as leadership in Englands earlier hour of peril.

Ben Franklin was an interested spectator in the House of Lords when Pitt the Elder praised the American Founding Fathers. Franklin –

“Dr Franklin presents his best respects to Lord Stanhope, with many thanks to his Lordship and Lord Chatham, for the communication of so authetic a copy of the motion. Dr Franklin is filled with admiration of that truly great man. He has seen, in the course of his life, sometimes eloquence without wisdom and often wisdom without eloquence; in the present instance he sees  both united and both, as he thinks, in the highest degree possible”.

Pitt’s Speech in the House of Lords on the Founding Fathers of the US  –

“When you look at the papers transmitted to us from America, when you consider their decency, firmness and wisdom, you cannot but respect their cause and wish to make it your own’.

“For myself, I must declare and avow that in all my reading and observation; and it has been my favourite study – I have read Thucydides and have studied and admired the master states of the world – that for solidity of reasoning, force of sagacity and wisdom of conclusion, under such a complication of difficult circumstances, ,,, no nation or body of men can stand in preference to the General Congress in Philadelphia’.

“I trust it is obvious to your Lordships that all attempts to impose servitude on such men, … to establish despotism over such a mighty continental nation, … must be vain, … must be fatal”.


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