Who says the World is going down the drain???

Posted on July 27, 2007. Filed under: Personal Stuff |

Yesterday I called my daughter who is on vacation with her family and her five year old took the call.

I queried how she was doing and she said she was doing fine and  having a gala time. She told me her Mamu had taken her rock climbing. When I told her I too wanted to do it, she advised me to exercise first in view of my large girth otherwise I may not be able to do it!!!

To rag her a bit I asked if she was missing school? She said no she was not missing school though she liked school (which is a white lie) and went on to add that she did not think about school while on vacation.

By now she probably noted that she was being pummeled so she decided enough was enough and took the gloves off and went on the offensive!!!

She asks, “Gran Pa .. why dont you go to work??? ….. Its not fair …….. I have to go to school and you dont even go to work …….. Why dont you go to work? ………  Everybody goes to work …. You must go to work”.

More in similar vein and I raised the white flag.. I responded that  tomorrow was Tuesday and I would go to work on Tuesday. …

Seeing she had won, she was pacified and relented. So she says that maybe I should not go to work on tomorrow’s Tuesday but I should go to work on next Tuesday ………….  and go for work at least one day every week!!!

Fair is Fair. And Girls are Kind!!! Even five year olds!!!.

“Now who said the World is going down the drain?? ..  With such kids growing up, it is as safe as it ever was — Maybe Safer!!!”

PS. Just before they were to go back home, they learn that the weather is real bad. So this Princess rings up her Gran Ma and wants to know where is yours truly. On being told I am sleeping, she imperiously orders me to be woken up so that she can talk something important with me.

After a very very sweet, ‘How are you Gran Pa’ she says that it is raining really bad and they may have to sit for long in the plane and so she wants me to please ask God, quietly with my mouth closed, to please please not make them wait too much in the plane!!!!!!!

Well, who would not come back even from Paradise, to hear a small girl request such a Thing?????

As I said the World is Safe and Going Strong and Stronger!!!

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